Why do charities continue to struggle with ‘inadequate’ Gift Aid systems?

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We recently attended the ‘Hospice UK Retail Conference, we were surprised at the amount of people we spoke to whose current Gift Aid systems were continuing to prevent them from maximising their revenue go right here.

After speaking to a number of charities in attendance at the event which took place in Solihull, we found that many were still working with Gift Aid systems which not working well and were hindering their efforts to maximise revenue from their retail stores through the collection and processing of Gift Aid donations.

What was of further concern was that many charities were fully aware that their current IT provision was not suitable for their current needs, but didn’t have a clear plan of how they could feasibly improve or change things in the short-term. As a result, they had accepted that further losses were inevitable.

What is clear is that smaller charities have far less support and financial flexibility than many larger charities. Smaller charities simply don’t have the backup and cash resources to cover the type of Gift Aid losses which in many cases are completely avoidable. What we found from our discussions at the ‘’Hospice UK Retail Conference’ was that many were worried about the high costs of switching from their current under performing Gift Aid system to a more suitable one even though they know it  would produce better long-term results for them.

Many charities are completely unaware that there are flexible payment options available to smaller charities which can enable them to change or upgrade their current Gift Aid systems without having to invest large sums of money upfront.At BMc Azurri for example, we have devised flexible payment plans which mean that smaller charities don’t have to worry about finding large sums of money upfront if they want to change their current Gift Aid system. Through our payment plans, charities can immediately start improving returns and we find that in many cases, the system has paid for itself within the first year. It provides a real win-win for these smaller charities who know they need to make changes, they just don’t know where to start and what to do first.