‘Win-win’: Managed Gift Aid solution helps dozens of struggling charities

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While Gift Aid can dramatically increase the level of cash coming into a charity without the need for substantial outlay or additional resources, charities – time and time again – hit a stumbling block when it comes to evaluating the cost of implementation against predicted ROI. We’ve identified this issue and put together a ‘Managed Gift Aid Solution,’ which is designed to remove all of the stress and uncertainty associated with getting to grips with Gift Aid.

Our solution has minimal upfront costs (especially compared with many others); charities simply pay a fixed fee each month (calculated from the number of tills in operation and shops services) and check over, sign and submit their HMRC Gift Aid Reclaim form.  Our Managed Gift Aid Solution is already providing a welcome relief to many small charities who’ve been struggling to maximise their revenue while still keeping their expenditure in check Check Out Your URL.

A number of charities (including Willowbrook Hospice in Merseyside) have reported that outr solution has enabled them to claim Gift Aid on up to 50% of purchases, compared with the 20-30% usually claimed by larger charities. I don’t think any charity would want to turn down the chance to bring in more funds without having to invest additional time and money and that’s exactly what the right Gift Aid solution can do… In almost all cases, our BMc Azurri Gift Aid system more than pays for itself within the first 12 months of implementation…. It really is a win-win solution for both the charities and their trustees.”