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Here at BMc Azurri, we are celebrating the end of a very successful 2016 /17 which saw us further consolidate our position in the charity sector, with the highlight undoubtedly being the decision by Sue Ryder to select our Gift Aid system to replace their long-established existing system. Given that Sue Ryder were one of the original users and defining organisations of Gift Aid, this really is an incredibly strong endorsement of our Gift Aid Solution. The implementation of our system across in their estate of 450 shops is due for completion later this year.

We are also pleased by the continuing high level of renewals from our managed service customers. Whilst this is very encouraging and a positive endorsement of our service, we are always looking at ways in which we can improve. As a result, we are now focussing on a few areas which will further enhance the service we provide to our customers.

This financial year has started with a record intake of exciting new contracts which we believe has been influenced heavily by three factors namely, our commercially attractive managed service option, new hardware options and the latest release of software with enhanced features that improve the abilities of our charities to engage with donors. We’re really looking forward to seeing what else this year has in store, as it is set to be one of the best yet for BMc Azurri.

2016 saw some interesting leaps forward in the retail field, including increased uptake of contactless and mobile payment methods and greater variety in customer fulfilment services. Larger Charities have already begun to introduce such advancements in their stores, but we’re interested to see just where charity retailers will look to take their customer experiences over the next few years and the further developments that will be made in the sector. We remain totally focussed on the sector and continue to embrace these technology changes as we strive to make them available to our users at affordable prices.

Alastair Petrie   General Manager



After an extensive review of the market we have now established a partnership with Flytech. Whilst the Flytech name is not currently widely recognised in the UK, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of POS equipment. They are the 3rd largest POS manufacturer worldwide with 30,000 POS units already sold globally.

We were particularly attracted to the range of hardware offered by Flytech together with their competitive pricing. Equally important to us is the quality of the build, as all Flytech units have been exhaustively tested in the hardware test facility of our parent company Barron McCann. In fact, they scored higher than some more recognisable brand names!

The Flytech product range has an entry-level system which retains a small footprint and integral printer but also features a 14″ screen (upgrading from the previous version’s 10″ screen) making the operation even easier for volunteers. At the top of the range, the system features a detachable touchscreen which creates new options for both sales and remote Gift Aid sign up. They also offer a wide range of mobile devices for remote activities.

The early installations have proved successful for both new users such as Revitalise, and existing users upgrading from their Toshiba systems such as St. Roccos, Wessex Cancer and RSPCA.


We have worked alongside K3 for a number of years but 2016 saw the launch of a partnership committed to providing a wide range of IT solutions for the charity sector. K3 already have established a presence in the charity sector with installations for BHF, Oxfam and a variety of museums.

The partnership with K3 has given us access to a wider range of retail functionality for medium and larger charity organisations. Whilst the BMc Azurri in-house developed Retail and Gift aid system remains a very attractive entry-level for many charity organisations and is now used by over 120 customers, there are certain areas of more in-depth retail functionality that can now be provided by K3.

The K3 product portfolio can be fully integrated with our existing systems and proved to be the preferred choice for Sue Ryder when they assessed all the systems currently available. Whilst this success in the Tier 1 Charity sector is very important to us, it was equally important to us that the benefits of the K3 product range can be made available to medium-sized charities and our existing user base.

The partnership is fully committed to the charity sector and we expect to see significant growth in our market share especially with the exciting developments that are in the pipeline.

For further information on what the partnership offers contact Iain Maltby and take the opportunity to visit the K3 website


As I’m sure you will be aware, HMRC has a new focus on the importance of ongoing training for volunteers and introduced the requirement to prove that training has taken place. Here at BMc Azurri, we are meeting this challenge for our customers by providing a range of training options which will enable our users to not only meet the HMRC recommendations but also increase their Gift Aid performance. The training initiative is financially justifiable and has clearly delivers identifiable benefits as can be seen from the recent examples shown below:

BMc Azurri specialises in delivering a range of Gift Aid Solutions to UK charities of all sizes, along with IT installation and support services to major UK charity organisations.



Samaritans local branch increased from 9% to 29% in 3 months

Age UK local branch increased from 18% to 27% in 3 months

RSPCA local branch increased from 7% to 16% in 2 months

For further details of this training programme contact Iain Maltby:


Gift Aid Software

The continued investment by BMc Azurri in Gift Aid software development was considerable last year, and this is reflected in the releases planned for 2017. We remain committed to a single version of software and therefore the benefits of working together with the likes of Sue Ryder have seen enhancements made to our system that will flow through to all our existing users. The main areas that have been enhanced are the in-house label printing, the reporting suite and the integration of mobile devices.

We’ve also expanded the software development team and our focus is on the further development of mobile integration and continued web portal improvements to give donors direct access to their own information and receive charity updates – enabling better engagement between charity and donor supporters.

The Gift Aid system used by you, our charity customers, was included in the Award for “Best Use of Technology Award in a Charity Retailer” by the Charity Retail Association, given to Sue Ryder and the team from K3 Retail and BMc Azurri. Goes without saying, we were delighted to be recognised in this way!

Gift Aid on Rags

Many charities have ignored the potential income stream of Gift Aid on rags due to administrative difficulties and/or uncertainty around HMRC approval. We have implemented a system that meets the HMRC guidelines and is being successfully used by one of our largest users, the Salvation Army. Whilst not all charities will want to take advantage of the rags processing module, it is available and worth consideration as a potential income earner.

Label Printing

For charities who opt to print their own labels, an expanded range of label formats are available for charities ranging from basic donor ID labels through to fully embedded labels which incorporate price, description, donor ID and date. The range provides greater flexibility in terms of donation management and will help to give greater visibility at the centre of your charity.


Andrew Wilson has re-joined BMc Azurri to head up our charity software support team, bringing a wealth of experience and a strong desire to implement changes to improve our service levels.

Curtis Thomas has joined our software team to develop our mobile applications. The first mobile application development will be launched at the CRA conference this year.


Pramacare, a Dorset based charity with five stores, is an established user of BMc Azurri’s Managed Service and has recently enhanced their system to enable the productions of labels in store. This has enabled Pramacare to improve efficiency and reduce stationery wastage, by only printing what they need and to have a single unique identification number for their donors. Whilst this enhancement is not suitable for everyone, it is recommended that charities consider it, if they feel comfortable that staff are suitably trained and they are prepared to consider the necessary investment.

Revistalise is a national charity with 12 shops in Hampshire. The charity provides respite care in a holiday setting for disabled people and carers for over 50 years, as well as offering inspirational opportunities for volunteers through one of the largest and most diverse volunteering programmes of any UK charity. Revitalise firmly believes that disabled people should have the same rights, freedoms, responsibilities and quality of life as those without disabilities. Revitalise was the first charity organisation to adopt BMc Azurri’s managed service using Flytech hardware – the systems were installed successfully in 12 shops over three weeks in December.


There is a growing demand for the deployment of tills in non-shop environments, such as in a Hospice setting, to enable the sales of new merchandise. The tills do not need the complexities associated with the sales of donated goods and Gift Aid capture and therefore can be configured differently. Recent examples include

BMc Azurri actively works with over 120 charities across the UK, and since launching six years ago BMc Azurri has become one of the fastest growing companies in the sector, with a contract renewal rate of over 94%.




We’re delighted to reveal that an outstanding 94% of our customers renewed their contracts with us when the initial contract term expired and many have taken the opportunity to upgrade their hardware to the latest touchscreen units. This gives us a growing ability to satisfy the specific needs of our customers via the availability of second user equipment. For example, we have been able to offer this option for customers with short-term property leasing issues. In addition, this hardware can be used for new charities that are unsure of whether the Gift Aid initiative will work for them. A recent example of this was St. Josephs Hospice who have been able to adopt our managed service Gift Aid system using second user cash registers for their nine shops, at a price that they could justify.


Whilst many our users are focussed on the donated stock element of their business, we are witnessing a growing interest in the field of new goods. If your charity has more than 5 shops, there is a potential need for a centralised stock control system. We have developed a link with one of the K3 products that enables our existing tilling system to be integrated with a comprehensive stock management module. We are in active discussions with 3 of our customers that have expressed interest in this area and expect to implement the system in the next few months.


Hopefully you will have seen an increased profile of BMc Azurri in charity publications, as well as a growing working relationship with the Charity Retail Association – we are determined to show increased support to the CRA in their work going forward and were happy to meet many of you at this year’s conference last week.

BMc Azurri is totally focussed on the charity sector and has chosen not to be distracted by other sectors such as general retail or hospitality.

We are committed to continued product development and innovation for our growing user base and aim to be one of the leading providers in the sector.

We will be updating our web site in the next few months and you will be able to access all the published articles as well as other interesting news by visiting .


We are in the process of making changes to our support operation, including the implementation of new telephone system at our service centre in Derby which will deliver an improved service to our customers.

We have also expanded our dedicated charity help desk in Bolton to provide increased cover for our growing charity customer base.


There have been some changes in our contact details and we are aware that there have been situations where customers have not had the correct contacts. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and we have included a summary of all relevant numbers below for ease of reference.

For consumable purchases, sales and gift aid queries contact Pauline on 01332 866935, or email Pauline

Thank you for all your support over the years and we look forward to continuing and developing our relationship

The BMcAzurri Team

For technical support issues, the number is 01332 866574 or email

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