Gift Aid Software

softwareBuilt for the Charity sector, designed by you…

Many Gift Aid solutions started out life as retail IT products, which were subsequently adapted for use in the Charity sector. Much like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, a solution that hasn’t been designed specifically for the needs of a charity is never going to be a perfect fit.

Our Gift Aid solution, however, has its roots firmly in Charity.

In fact, the initial design of our solution stems from our collaboration with a number of large and small charities to establish exactly what they needed and wanted from a Gift Aid system.

The primary requirement requested by the charities we consulted was to have a simple, easy to use robust tilling system that also managed their Gift Aid submission. As we have developed the solution, we have continued to take our lead from our charity customers and introduced new features which include integrated card processing, stock control for new goods, CRM interfaces, financial interfaces and an enhanced repeat donor process.

We have and continue to enhance the product in line with the requirements given to us by you, our charity customers. These enhancements are made available to all users as part of our on going support recently including on line training and credit card integration.

We remain committed to the continued development of our Gift Aid solution to ensure it remains in line with your unique requirements as a charity.

For charities that wish to manage the process internally, our solution can be installed locally at the charity, or we can host it for you
Gift Aid Software

Software that's simple to use

Whether you have had experience of using an over-complex retail-orientated Gift Aid system in the past, or have never used a Gift Aid system before, finding a solution which has simplicity at the core is likely to be your top priority.

Many charities struggle to justify investing in solutions which have much more functionality than they actually need. The result is often higher capital expenditure, poor understanding of how to use the system by volunteers, poor adoption as a result and subsequently, a struggle to obtain a return on investment within a short to medium time frame. 

The BMc Azurri solution is different to other Gift Aid solutions, as it is designed solely for the specific needs of the charity sector. Our focus will always remain on its simplicity of use, ensuring that volunteer staff can easily adopt and use the system, enabling it to make a positive impact within the very short period of time.

With our Gift Aid solution, less is most definitely more!

Effortlessly Migrate from an Existing Gift Aid System

If you selected your Gift Aid solution some years ago, you may be experiencing some dissatisfaction in terms of the level of support you are currently receiving, the complexity of the system, the administration workload, the reliability of the system and in some cases, the cost.

You’ll be pleased to know that modern Gift Aid systems have moved on dramatically in recent years and there are now a variety of options and advancements available that could provide you with a more efficient and effective solution than you currently have in place.

You don’t need to worry that your original investment in equipment will be lost if you switch to a new solution. We will consider the retention of equipment (subject to condition) and parts availability.

We know that the decision to move to a new Gift Aid solution is often complex, which is why we pride ourselves on our efficient and effective migration services. Why not contact us to find out if we can help with your move to a new solution?

Gift Aid Software

We have our own major hardware support operation though our sister companies in the Barron McCann Holdings Group.
Gift Aid Software

Backed up by The Barron McCann Group of Companies

Unlike any other suppliers to the sector, we have our own major hardware support operation though our sister companies in the Barron McCann Holdings Group. By virtue of the £20m turnover Barron McCann Group Retail Support operation, we have access to a wide range of hardware products both new and refurbished (with warranty) that can be offered to the sector to make it easier to migrate as well as a wealth of independent hardware advice from our dedicated workshop team.