A flexible gift aid approach

We know that flexibility is a key factor for many of the charities we work with, which is why we’ve devised a range of Gift Aid Solutions suitable for charities of all sizes. In fact, our clients range in size from single site operations through to nationwide chains with in excess of 200 shops. We also work with over 100 independent charity organisations throughout the UK.

Our Gift Aid solution was first launched in 2011 and our unprecedented growth makes us one of the fastest growing suppliers in the sector.

Whether you are looking to handle your Gift Aid administration internally, outsource it all to a third party, or to work on a combined approach, we are confident that we hold the perfect solution for your specific needs.
Managed Services

Gift Aid
Gift Aid

Ongoing support

We are delighted to report that over 90% of the early adopters of our solution have continued to renew their contacts with us and taken the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of the software, helping to illustrate that our commitment to delivering high quality, flexible and reliable solutions remains at the forefront of our business ethos.
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A gift aid product specifically designed with charities in mind

Many of the Gift Aid solutions currently available in the marketplace were initially designed for the retail sector and have subsequently been adapted to fit the needs of the Charity sector. This has resulted in over-complex systems, which often come with a high price point. As a result, charities often find it difficult to obtain a return on investment from these solutions within a short to medium time frame.

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Gift Aid

We know support for you staff is important so our helpdesk is there when they need us. Whatever the problem, we’ll guide them and go at their pace.
Gift Aid

Simplicity at the heart of our product

That’s why the BMc Azurri solution is different, it is designed solely for the charity sector. We’ve created a solution with simplicity in all aspects, ensuring that volunteer staff can easily adopt and use the system. We have, of course, continued to develop the product to incorporate retail functions that are applicable to the charity retail sector e.g. stock control for new goods and integrated card processing capability. However, our focus will always remain on its simplicity of use. Less is most definitely more!