Bringing Best-in-Class IT Services To The Charity Sector

BMc Azurri is part of the Barron McCann Group and this enables us to bring a unique extended suite of IT services to the charity sector. We can help both existing customers and new to improve the quality and reduce the costs of their IT operations. We already successfully provide a range of installation and support services for many of the major UK charity organisations with nationwide chains. These services are provided for most industry standard hardware and software products and include:

Key Features

  • POS Hardware Support
  • Hand Held Terminal support
  • Help desks for existing equipment
  • PC and POS Terminal Installation
  • Shop Cabling
  • WiFi and CCTV Installation

Our service portfolio is continually growing to meet the needs of our charity customers so browse the links below to see our latest range of services.

Whatever IT Service issues you currently face, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and analyse the options that are available. Call now to speak to one of our team
IT Services

Unrivalled Expertise From The BMc Azurri Family

Being part of the Barron McCann Group is a bit like having a large extended family. Through this association, we can tap into a huge network of experienced professionals, as well as offer an unrivalled range of industry-proven IT services. By utilising our own workforce ‘family’, we retain total control over the services we offer to charities, ensuring quality, competitive pricing and outstanding service at every step.